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PWM(variable) Block of TI C2000 Target Support Library

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Could it be that the model in the appendix of the PWM (variable) 1 block does not work correctly? Or have I set something wrong here? There are two PWM (variable) blocks in the controller subsystem.The phase shift has been set to zero for  exercise. The modulation index of the slave of the PWM (variable) 2 block is 0.5. All other modulation indices are irrelevant in my opinion and are therefore set to 0. The carrier signal should be symmetrical. First, the exercise should be sampled with underflow and then sampled with underflow and overflow. In my view, the following phenomenon is occurring here. Because the PWM (Variable)2 block is symmetrical, the triangular carrier signal in the PWM (Variable) 1 block is displayed phase-shifted, although no phase shift was specified. I would consider this to be correct. However, in my opinion, the sampling is not correct. It is sampled with the phase-shifted carrier signal as well as with a non-phase-shifted carrier signal, so that the currents are not properly sampled. It should be sampled only with the phase-shifted carrier signal and not additionally with a non-phase-shifted carrier signal, which in my opinion should not be generated in the PWM (variable)1 block for sampling. See also Printscreen1 and Printscreen2.

With kind regards
Christof Kötting
asked Nov 24 by Christof Kötting (22 points)

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