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Power Factor

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Hello, I've been looking for a block that measures Power Factor, and I haven't found anything. Is there a block that works for it?
asked Dec 17, 2021 by Alberto Rehbein (21 points)

1 Answer

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The PLECS component library does not include a component to measure power factor.

Assuming you are interested in three-phase systems, attached is a simple model to calculate the power factor that works well for balanced, three-phase systems with low harmonics.  You can find similar calculations for P & Q in the "Microgrid in Island Operation" and "Windpower System with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator" demo models.

You should note this is one of many possible implementations of a power measurement block. For example, the calculation could be performed in different reference frames or using sequence decomposition. There also are different possible sign conventions for leading/lagging power. The calculation you ultimately choose should depend on the characteristics of your application, but this should get you started.


answered Dec 22, 2021 by Bryan Lieblick (908 points)