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SR Flip Flop Error - Input signal 2 has not been initialized

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I'm trying to simulate a dc/dc converter + a control part for it, but I encounter an error on the SR Flip Flop block: Input signal 2 has not been initialized.

Can anyone suggest to me how I can solve this problem with SR Flip Flop?

Attached is the PLECS Standalone (4.1.2) file associated with the simulation.

asked Jan 29, 2022 by Andrew (22 points)

1 Answer

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Sorry I don't have 4.1.2 installed. With the current version I don't get this error. However, the integrator generates an infinite loop, which you should fix anyway by using the state port output of the integrator.

Maybe you can adapt the Peak Current Controller in Control->Modulation->Peak Current Controller for one cycle control.
answered Jan 31, 2022 by Falk Kyburz (253 points)
How can I solve the problem using the state port output of the integrator?
Can you post an image/plecs file with a possible implemented solution that works?