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Reproduce Six-Phase PMSM example without RT Box

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I am looking to simulate a 6 phase PMSM and inverter system in PLECS, I have seen in the application example "Six-Phase PMSM" this is done using RT box software and blocks not available in PLECS standalone. Can anyone help me for the best ways of editing the example if this is at all a possible way to a solution- I am not familiar with how the RT box works or its blocks in the circuit from the example (ADC, QEP and the PWM blocks)

(I notice there are no other examples of using the six phase PMSM?- although it is used in a "PLECS Model of the Month: Distributed Torque Control for Dual Star PMSM" that I would also be very interested in recreating)
asked Mar 5 by hugoc (28 points)

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Attached is a variation of the "Six-Phase PMSM" model included with the TI C2000 Target Support Package (TSP), but without any of the RT Box or TI C2000 library components.  The components from the RT Box and TI C2000 TSP libraries represent the various sensor/peripheral interfaces of the hardware, which can be replaced either with direct connections or analogous components from the standard PLECS library.

As a side note, if you want to use the model as-is but do not have a PLECS Coder license, one can download the zip directories of the TSP and then manually add the included library (*Lib.plecs) to the list of User Libraries in the File + PLECS Preferences + Libraries tab.  Then you will be able to open the models without an error message.

answered Mar 8 by Bryan Lieblick (1,301 points)
selected Apr 24 by hugoc
Hi Bryan, many thanks for your response that is exactly what I was looking to do. I am trying to change the conditions in this example. One thing I am struggling with is increasing the current output (/power) of the system as it cannot meet the speed requirement I want to input. None of the parameters values for the motor or control seem to effect the current value, only the share of the speed and torque. If possible could you suggest how this would be achieved to increase the maximum power?