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How to save the scope waveforms in a vector format picutre, like .svg or .eps files?

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Have done quite a bit simulations and would like to save the scope results as vector format picture (for potential presentation/publication).

But cannot see such option in the scope "Files -> Export".

Thanks for any help.
asked Apr 6, 2022 by (36 points)

By the way, I'm fully aware that by "Edit -> Copy..." I CAN have a vector graph pasted to anywhere I want - I'm good with that.

But what I want now is to SAVE a vector graphic file - .svg or .eps.

Thanks again.

1 Answer

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The only vector format supported for scopes is PDF. There are tools to convert PDFs to SVGs like pdf2svg. Some vector image programs (e.g. inkscape) also support to import PDFs and save SVGs.
answered Apr 7, 2022 by Oliver Schwartz (622 points)
selected Apr 7, 2022 by
Thanks a lot for the clarification. I'll give a shot.