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Fortescue Transformation [closed]

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In which way can I implement the Fortescue transformation?

I know that Plecs doesn't support the complex number.

Thank you
closed with the note: Since I don't need to study faults on the system, this transformation is not necessary
asked Mar 4 by Marzio96 (21 points)
closed Mar 13 by Marzio96

1 Answer

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You will have to expand the matrix multiplication on a row-by-row basis. This can be implemented via Function blocks or, for more complex computations, in a C-Script block. Please take a look at how the Transformation blocks are implemented in the PLECS Control library (Subsystem -> Look under mask).
answered Mar 6 by Beat Arnet (54 points)
Yes, I know. And for example in the following row [1 a^(2) a] with a=exp^(-j*2*pi/3), what I should write in the Function block?

u(1)+u(2)*exp^(i*2*pi/3)+u(3)*exp^(-i*2*pi/3)? Does it support the complex number i?
It would be helpful if you could provide a bit more context. What are you trying to do with the transformation? I.e. generate or analyze a signal? Can you provide a block diagram?