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"Cannot open connection to device Target. Unable to identify target: No response." when trying to configure PIL target.

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Hi everyone, I am trying to understand the operation of the PIL model in PLECS, but when connecting the MCU (TMS320F28069M) with the PIL model, I get this error and I have checked the serial port in my computer as the figures below. I don't know how to fix this error. Please give me an idea, thanks in advance for your help.  

(I'm using the Plecs v4.6.5 and ti_c2000_1.5.2)
asked May 7, 2022 by hang (20 points)

Hi Hang,

Please verify that the “Load VCP” port of the “XDS100 Class Auxiliary Port” under "Texas Instruments Debug Probes" is enabled (unplug the MCU from the computer and replug if necessary).

Then, make sure that you have successfully built the controller subsystem on the 28069 target (the red LED on the 28069 launchpad should blink). And that you have chosen the correct symbol file (the step-by-step instructions are given in the attached pdf). 

Is it still not working after following the above two steps? 


Thanks for your response. I have checked the Load VCP and it is already enabled. And I have successfully built the controller subsystem on the 28069 target with the red LED blink. But, the connection failed with no response error.
Hi Hang,

Please send an email to We can setup a quick webinar to look at the issue.

Thanks for your suggestion. I sent an email to the support team.

1 Answer

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I am very grateful to the support team that helped me to solve the problem. I got it connected when I removed JP6 on my MCU.
answered May 17, 2022 by hang (20 points)