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PWM control with positive and negative phase shift generation [closed]

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I would like to know if there is an efficient way to generate three PWM signals with both positive and negative phase shifts (lead/lag). Eventually, I'd like to control the duty cycle and have the ability to control the phase shift.

Creating two (positive) phase shifts was answered here How to create triangular waveform with variable phase shift - PLECS User Forum ( Is there a smart way to include a negative (leading) phase as well?



closed with the note: Problem solved
asked May 9 by MKamel (12 points)
closed May 17 by MKamel
Using the example you referenced, you can simply use a "mod" block preceding the phase shift with a mod(u,1) function to wrap the input into the [0,1] interval.  For example a phase shift -0.3 would be equivalent to 0.7.
Perfect! It does the job.

Thank you so much.