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How can tell the thermal simulation temperature UNIT?

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I've been using PLECS for thermal simulation for a while and still confused about the temperature units. I fully understand that the scaling is the same to Kelvin and Celsius, but when I read the data from a Probe I need to know the absolute temperature value with unit which IS NOT LABELED, as shown in figure below.

I then figured that I should check the thermal model of the MOSFET to find the unit used there (and expecting the Probe would use the same as consistency). But the thermal model temperature units shown as  °, as in figure below. Does it mean Celsius?? And therefore, the Probe temperature is also in Celsius?

Also, the library components, like Constant Temperature, MOSFET, etc., they all have NO unit labeled (parameter inputs), as shown figures below. These are all "absolute values", rather than "difference value" - the unit is obviously needed for us to give the correct values. This is a big inconvenience to me...

Thank you for your attention and help.


asked Jun 1, 2022 by (36 points)

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The temperature system is whichever one you are using for the loss data and, ultimately, the reference (ambient) temperature. So if you are consistent with the values then the probed temperature will be in the same system (typically Celsius considering a room temp of 25C is shown in the data plots above).
answered Jun 1, 2022 by Kris Eberle (1,595 points)
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Alright, thank you Kris!