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Speed of analysis tools -- Blockset vs. Standalone

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Running steady-state and impulse response analyses on my model requires a few seconds in standalone and several, if not tens of, minutes in blockset. Is this disparity typical, and if so, why does blockset take significantly longer? And are there ways to speed up analysis tools in blockset?

Thank you!
asked Jun 24, 2022 by nbiesterfeld (17 points)
Hello, typically PLECS Blockset is slower than PLECS Standalone, but the difference that you mention sounds excessive and potentially can be (significantly) improved. The influence of the slowdown could be due to a variety of reasons (Simulink solver selection, solver relative tolerance, PLECS steady state analysis tolerance, relative perturbation, Jacobian calculation, number of init cycles, etc.), and how much we might be able to improve the speed is model dependent. Therefore, we would encourage you to contact and provide your model for specific feedback.

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