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High frequency spacevector PWM output, on the RT-Box

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I am currently working with the RT-Box and trying to control a voltage source inverter from it. I have been using the PWM out block for the initial testing of the inverter, which have enabled me to run dead times of 100ns with 200khz switching frequency.

Now i am trying to do the same with the specevector PWM block, the problem lies in that to do so i need to use the digital out block and the blanking time block, but to get the same blanking time and switching frequency as in the initial testing the RT-Box step size must be 1e-7, which is not possible.

Is it simply not possible or am i looking at the problem in a wrong way?

Best regard

Tobias T. Strate
asked Mar 5, 2019 by Strate (12 points)

1 Answer

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For reasonable results you still have to use the PWM blocks. We are currently working on an adapted space vector modulation block for the RT Box, but it is still work in progress. Please contact directly so we can see if we have a solution for your application.

Kind regards,

Oliver Schwartz
answered Mar 6, 2019 by Oliver Schwartz (397 points)