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sim command produces error

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I am trying to run a model using PLECS blockset using the sim command in a script. The model runs just fine by pressing the run button, but when I try to use sim I get the following error:

Warning: "Cannot execute method 'set' on '<a href=\"matlab:open_and_hilite_hyperlink ('dos_plecs/Circuit','error')\">dos_plecs/Circuit</a>' while simulation is running"

My script is the following

% Model initialization
fs=20e3; % Bridge/Controller switching/sampling frequency
Ts=1/fs; % Bridge/Controller switching/sampling period

L2=1e-6; % Transformer leakage inductance
N=8; % Transformer turns ratio
C3=15e-6; % Bridge bias capacitor

L1=200e-6; % Rectifier filter inductance
C2=10e-6; % Rectifier filter capacitor
R1=20; % Load

% PLECS model parameters update
plecs('set', 'dos_plecs/Circuit/L2', 'L', 'L2');
plecs('set', 'dos_plecs/Circuit/C3', 'C', 'C3');
plecs('set', 'dos_plecs/Circuit/Tr2', 'n', '[1 N]');
plecs('set', 'dos_plecs/Circuit/L1', 'L', 'L1');
plecs('set', 'dos_plecs/Circuit/C2', 'C', 'C2');
plecs('set', 'dos_plecs/Circuit/R1', 'R', 'R1');

% Model simulation
mdl = plecs('get','','CurrentCircuit')
asked Jul 5, 2022 by Alberto Sanchez (12 points)
Alberto, can you please send you model to  Please include version information for both MATLAB and PLECS.

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