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How can I estimated the losses in my blockset plecs inverter schematic?

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In Plecs Blockset, current and voltage are null whereas in Simulink I got my voltage. When we replace it with a Simulink block, the expected current is obtained...
asked Aug 3, 2022 by tanguy (28 points)
Hi Tanguy,

Your issue with PLECS Blockset isn't very clear to me. Can you please provide screenshots explaining it or if possible attach your model so that I can better understand your question?

Hi Manu,

The problem is that my inverter is not working in Plecs and it doesn't determine the loss. The model was attached in the first message

You will find screenshot in this message


Hi Tagnuy,

Your model did not get attached in your original question, can you please attach it again?

I finished to resolve by myself the problem. We can't interface the power signal between Matlab and Plecs. Only the signals, isn't it?




Correct, you can only use the input/output signal ports to exchange signals between the model in PLECS and the model in Simulink, not the electrical ports.


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