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How to operate the PMSM in the Inverter fed PMSM model as a generator?

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I'm using the demo model on inverter fed PMSM as the base to build out a different model, but I'm unsure how to operate the machine as a generator? I have an operating point at a certain high speed and for a certain power range (the torque input will vary) so when I give a controlled torque source, my speed seems extremely low (~30 rad/s) and no matter what machine parameters I change I'm not able to get it close to the speeds I'm trying to reach. Does it come down to a matter of tuning or is there something more basic I'm missing?

In another instance, I'm trying a simpler open-loop implementation of generating the control signals with a constant torque source. I'm attaching a file of the control loop (OL.png). I have 3 phase reference waveforms using which I generate SVPWM inputs to the switches. For a synchronous machine, shouldn't the machine rotate at a speed of (120*Fo/P) where I can control the speed by changing Fo? However, again I'm not seeing the speeds that I expect.

asked Sep 23, 2022 by santhoshs99 (24 points)
edited Sep 27, 2022 by santhoshs99

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