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Define number of section for a voltage divider

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I would like to create a voltage divider and add the voltage divider to the user library. I want to create a mask for the voltage divider which asks how many resistors will be used on the high side of the voltage divider.

For example, the number of pi sections in "Pi-Section Line" (it is a component in Plecs) is variable and users can assign section numbers. I would like to have the same for a voltage divider.

 If someone can help me I really appreciate it. Thanks.

asked Nov 14 by karakaslivefa (19 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Vefa,

This is all documented in the PLECS User Manual (sections on "Masking Subsystems" and "Libraries"). Additionally, you can find tutorials on our website on this topic (#108 and #109 - I hope this helps, but if you have a specific question feel free to post it here.


answered Nov 18 by Kris Eberle (1,356 points)