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The use of DLL module with rt box

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I made a 3-ph inverter PLECS model today and a DLL was used to connect my codes which were written in visual studio. 

The problem is that there was a error when I wanted to use rt box in real-time simulation. 

The error's detailed description was "This component does not support code generation: Grid_Connected_Converter/DLL", so I really wonder if the DLL can't  be used to rt box simulation.


asked Nov 17 by OptimisticPoplar (20 points)

1 Answer

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The usage scenario for the RT Box is to generate C code from a model and then compile this code for the special execution environment of the RT Box. A DLL that was compiled for your Windows computer (that uses a different processor and a different operating system) cannot be used on the RT Box.

The easiest solution is to either model the behavior of your DLL with PLECS blocks or to use a C-Script (which can be compiled for both your computer and the RT Box).
answered Nov 17 by Oliver Schwartz (545 points)
selected Nov 18 by OptimisticPoplar