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Storing and plotting data across a simulation script

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I have a model simulating a converter at different switching frequencies using a simulation script and the model runs for 10 seconds and there is a goto signal that gets the Max temperature seen across the 10 seconds for each discrete switching frequency. How can I access this maximum temperature back into my simulation script and plot the max Temperature versus the switching frequency?
asked Nov 21, 2022 by santhoshs99 (24 points)

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Hi Santosh,

To bring the "MaxT" values back into the simulation script, you can use a "Signal Outport" component, as seen in the attached model. You can also calculate the maximum values directly in the script as shown in the demo model "Buck Converter with Parameter Sweep".

answered Nov 29, 2022 by Manu Parimi (363 points)
selected Nov 29, 2022 by santhoshs99