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How to load the rt box web interface

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 I can get the target device through the Browse RT Boxes button, but I cannot load the web interface, no matter in my web browser or in the PLECS.

asked Nov 24 by OptimisticPoplar (20 points)

1 Answer

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This is probably due to a wrong network configuration.

Please provide more information:

  • How is the RT Box connected to the PC, are they on a common network or is there a direct network connection to the PC?
  • Are you using a DHCP server or did you configure a static IP for the RT Box? If static, which IP addresses are used by the PC and the RT Box?
  • Can you start models on the RT-Box from PLECS?
answered Nov 24 by Oliver Schwartz (545 points)
selected Nov 25 by OptimisticPoplar

Thank you for your answer, I have solved this problem by changing the IP addresses of my PC.

But it is weird that the IP addresses in the file /config/etc/network/interfaces from the SD card is, for example,, but in the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties” window, I have to enter as the “IP address”.

Anyway, I can use the rt box web interface now, and thank you again.

In  /config/etc/network/interfaces on the SD card you specify the IP address of the RT box. In the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties” window, you specify the IP address of your PC. This is how TCP/IP works. Each device must have a unique address.