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How do I correct the width of the component terminal?

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I have designed a three phase inverter control circuit but i'm having trouble correcting the width of the input terminal on the multiplexer to match that of the output. I keep getting the error:

"Error in component Voltage Source Inverter/Demux3: Width of component terminal (3) does not match width of connection (1). The connection width is fixed by component Voltage Source Inverter/Symmetrical PWM/Configurable Subsystem/Single edge/C-Script. Check the parameters and connections of these components to correct the error."

asked Jan 6, 2023 by Philip Kasempa (24 points)

1 Answer

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If the input to your division operation is left unconnected then inputs and outputs of your PWM block have a width of 1.

If you connect an element with a width of 3, then the input signal will have a width that matches assumed with of the output signal.

For example, you can connect the output of the Sum to the left of the Division component, a multiplexer with a width of 3, and so on.
answered Jan 6, 2023 by Bryan Lieblick (1,949 points)