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MOSFET thermal model

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Dear PLECS Team

In the demo model "Dual Active Bridge" the thermal behavior of the MOSFET "C3M0030090K" is shown (data sheet in the appendix). In the Thermal Chain the Cauer Model is shown with 4 columns (see attachment). I don't understand how the values for R and C are read out from the datasheet. I think you can determine the values with Figure 21 from the data sheet. I would appreciate a detailed description of how these values are read or calculated from the data sheet.

Thank's for your help.
Best regards,
asked Mar 29, 2023 by raphael.baumeler (37 points)

1 Answer

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In this particular case the thermal impedance data was provided by the vendor when they generated the thermal description for that component.

PLECS includes a Thermal Import Wizard to assist in developing thermal descriptions from a datasheet. See the following video starting at 6:23 to learn how to extract the thermal coefficients:
answered Mar 29, 2023 by Bryan Lieblick (1,905 points)