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encountered 5 consecutive overuns on core 0,terminating,RTbox2

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I use the RTbox2 to generate a PWM wave with duty cycle 0.5, sample period set to 1e-6, the panel shows "encountered 5 consecutive overuns on core 0, terminating."
Also, the box shows a minimum sample period of 1us, does this mean that it is not possible to generate a 1000KHz  or 100KHz with 0.1 duty cycle pwm wave ?
Thank you for your help!
asked Mar 31, 2023 by fire (73 points)

1 Answer

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The PWM generation on an RT Box is independent from the sample period.

The PWM on RT Box 2 has a resolution of 6.6 ns. However, generating a 10000KHz (10 MHz) PWM would result in a very poor duty cycle resolution, so the maximum carrier frequency is limited to 6 MHz.

The sample period depends on the complexity of your model. If you encounter too many overruns you need to increase the step size. This doesn't have any influence on the PWM itself (only for the rate at which the duty cycle can be changed).
answered Apr 4, 2023 by Oliver Schwartz (610 points)