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Variable Magnetic Permeance example circuit for time-varying permeance modeling

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I am trying to simulate a magnetic circuit that includes a magnetic flux path with varying (time-varying) permeance.

The component that closest matches this requirement is the Variable Magnetic Permeance. I have referred the component reference documentation for  but I am looking for an example or demo circuit that uses this library component in a model. I did not find any help in the demo library or in the user forums.

I am looking for a test model that shows how to generate and feed the control signal vector for this component in a magnetic circuit.

asked Apr 18, 2023 by pchannegowda (35 points)

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The Saturable Core and Hysteric Core components are actually implemented using the Variable Magnetic Permeance component. You can look under the mask of these two blocks to see how they works. The control signal must provide the values of P(t) (permeance), dP(t)/dt (permeance rate of change) and Phi (flux) as a three element vector.

There are a handful of demo models that then use the non-linear core components.  You can find them by filtering the demos to the "Magnetics" category.

One last tip is that for static magnetic components like transformer or inductor, the second port “dP(t)/dt” is not needed (set to zero). However when the permenace is used to model a variable air gap, e.g. for a electrical machine, the second term should be explicitly calculated as the time derivative of the permeance value.
answered Apr 20, 2023 by Bryan Lieblick (1,949 points)
selected Apr 21, 2023 by pchannegowda
Thanks Brian,

I will take a look at the Saturable Core and Hysteric core components to see how Variable Magnetic Permeance is implemented.