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For Loop for Inputs

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Maybe I didn't form the question correctly. In the picture attached you can see that C-Script has as Inputs 1_prev, 2_prev, ..., 6_prev, which are signals that indicate 6 different states. How can I define these Inputs inside the C-Script block in a way to place these variables-Inputs in a matrix by using a for loop? You can find the pictures attached.
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asked Apr 27, 2023 by Magdalini (20 points)
Your question might not be clear still.  Could you post some pseudo code of how you expect your matrix to look in the C-Script and what operations you'd like to do with it?

1 Answer

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In fact, I want to place the Input Signals in a matrix inside the C-Script, but I want to do it by using a for loop. The thing is that now I have only 6 Input Signals (1_prev, 2_prev...., 6_prev), but later on the Input Signals will increase to 50. So it will be easier to use a for loop I think. Thank you again!
answered May 2, 2023 by Magdalini (20 points)