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Problem in Build Process in RT Box 1:Error in Buld step 2

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During the process of building the plant subsystem into the RT Box 1, I encountered the following error :

Error in build step #2 (Make): Make process exited with code 2:
Compiling pl_3ph_rtbox_main.o
Compiling pl_3ph_rtbox.o recipe for target 'pl_3ph_rtbox.o' failed

pl_3ph_rtbox.c: In function 'PM6_natPreComm_2337':
pl_3ph_rtbox.c:714786: note: -Wmisleading-indentation is disabled from this point onwards, since column-tracking was disabled due to the size of the code/headers
if (-x[5]-1.09999999999999987*x[7]+1.09999999999999987*x[8]+0.0650162540635158687*u[1]+0.100025006251562881*u[3]+0.0900225056264065959*u[4]+0.0900225056264065959*u[5]-0.0150037509377344315*u[6]+0.0100025006251562888*u[11]+0.0100025006251562888*u[12] > 0) {

cc1.exe: out of memory allocating 65536 bytes
make: *** [pl_3ph_rtbox.o] Error 1 

I have set the <Timeout> to the value 240 to the file 'info.xml' because before the following message was appeared: Error in build step #2 (Make) : Make process timed out after 240 seconds.

Can anyone help?

Thank you

Below, i attach the relevant file

asked Apr 27, 2023 by EvaL (12 points)

1 Answer

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The error message indicates that the size of the generated model is too large. You will have to use model splitting techniques to numerically decouple different parts of your system.  Refer to the "Modular Multilevel Converter" RT Box demo model for an example of how to apply these techniques to a similar converter. The "RT Box: Model Optimizations" tutorial contains another example and explains the theory behind this approach.

I would also like to note that your model has several underlying issues that will result in poor performance on the RT Box and unexpected behavior generally.

For both offline and real-time simulation modulators you have written for your C-Script will behave unexpectedly.  Looking at your PWM modulator outputs they toggle from time-step to time-step. See this forum question.  The PLECS Manual and the tutorials contain guidance on what is required if a modulator is implemented using C-Scripts.

On the RT Box you are not using the PWM Capture input to supply the switching signals to your series connected full bridges. This will reduce the model fidelity substantially.

answered May 3, 2023 by Bryan Lieblick (1,887 points)