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Error in the thermal simulation model

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I am getting this error while using the thermal simulation model of my inverter circuit.


The device current (-1.13687e-13) is less than the lower limit specified in the thermal description (0).

You can turn this error into a warning on the Diagnostics page of the PLECS Simulation Parameters dialog.



I have reduced the input dc. Voltage to 1 volt. After that, I am also getting the same error.



This lower negative current should b rounded off to zero.


I am attaching here the.xml files of the switch and diode, which I have downloaded from the infneon website.





Please help me to resolve this issue.

asked Aug 7, 2023 by AJIT KUMAR UPADHIYA (12 points)
Ajit, it looks like you reached out to as well as posted on the forum.  I am going to copy the answer you received via support below so other users can benefit as well.  It also looks you didn't successfully attach your *.xml files as intended.

1 Answer

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The XML files are missing a zero for conduction loss. Since PLECS has to extrapolate once no more information is available, the extrapolated device current for 0 V is less than 0 A, which is obviously not correct. With an additional point of 0 volts at 0 amps, this should no longer occur.
answered Aug 7, 2023 by Bryan Lieblick (1,995 points)