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PLECS unable to find rpc.h file in macos

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I recently started using plecs on macos. I have my simulation files originally in a windows computer. I am working on co-simulation between code file written and saved in the same folder as the PLECS simulation file. In windows machine I was able to easily run simulations. But when I export the same simulation files onto my macbook, the C-Script returns a compilation error saying it couldnt find the rpc.h file that one of my files included. Can you tell me how to solve this?
asked Aug 23, 2023 by Kartik Veeramraju (14 points)

1 Answer

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rpc.h is a Windows system include file. It is used to access functions that are implemented in the Windows operating system.

MacOS does not offer the same functions and the rpc.h file would be useless on MacOS. You will need to port the Windows-specific code in your C-script to MacOS specific code.
answered Aug 25, 2023 by Oliver Schwartz (622 points)