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plecs externel mode data saver

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I am using the external mode. My project is a DC motor control system. I can see my signals on display. But I want to see the whole data stream and what happened initially, such as speed and how many seconds the PI controller reached my setpoint. Display continually refreshed if buffer full is.
How do I save my RCP data to a file at a given time, or do you have any other ideas?
asked Jan 31 by Dorj.M (15 points)
Can you clarify if you're referring to a PLECS simulation model or accessing data from the RT Box?
Hi Bryan,

Both of them are not :). I am using RCP with JTAG. If I use RT Box or Simulation, I can save data with the TOFILE block.

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Thanks for clarifying you are using an embedded real-time target like a TI C2000 / STM microcontroller.  

At this time the only way to natively view the data is to use the external mode and view the results in the PLECS Scopes, as you are currently doing. With the external mode one can configure meaningful data triggers or change the decimation to get data from the time-period of interest.

One could conceivably connect an external data-logging system (e.g. use a CAN-based data logger), but this generally requires additional hardware and software tools.
answered Feb 6 by Bryan Lieblick (1,995 points)
selected Feb 23 by Dorj.M
Thank your feedback.
 Is there a way to receive some specific data using Serial port mode?