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more powerfull RT-BOX

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are you planning to develp a more powerfull RT-BOX compared to RT-BOX 3 with more cores amd more analog output? (64 instead 32)
asked Feb 9 by Ernesto Incerti (28 points)

2 Answers

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We will certainly be launching new RT Box models in the future. At this stage, however, we are unable to provide any details on their release date and specifications.

May I ask back what kind of application do you want to simulate? Have you looked into coupling RT Boxes via SFP to increase the number of IOs? You are welcome to contact to discuss any details.
answered Feb 12 by Oliver Schwartz (622 points)
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In addition to Oliver's insights on the next-generation RT Box platform, I wanted to note that the existing RT Box 2 and 3 hardware just became more powerful.

Plexim has released FPGA-based real-time simulation of electrical systems.  The FPGA-based simulations run on the RT Box 2 and 3 hardware with only a firmware upgrade. You'll have access to this functionality with PLECS 4.8.1 and RT Box Target Support 3.0.1 and above.

While the number of CPU cores and IO remains the same, this unlocks a great deal of processing power and allows for significantly shorter time-steps compared to a purely CPU-based simulation.  Furthermore, the 3x CPU cores are still available for additional computations, as well as the option to scale the model using several RT Boxes in parallel.
answered Feb 12 by Bryan Lieblick (1,949 points)
edited Feb 14 by Bryan Lieblick