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"Unable to arm data capture. The connection to the server has been closed" error

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Hi, Plecs,

I am using TI microcontroller using Plecs.

I need to get a digital data from MCU to Plecs.

But when I try to get the data, it shows the below error.

"Unable to arm data capture. The connection to the server has been closed"

Do you know what the problem is?

I can send a data from my labtop to MCU but. when I try to get the data from is not working.(Which means,,,when I hit the activate autoriggering)

Please let me know the problem and solution,
asked Feb 15 by oming0731 (27 points)

1 Answer

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The most probable cause of this issue is a CPU overflow. In the current state of the TSP, the external mode cannot be connected to the target if a CPU overflow is happening. It sounds like the execution of your model is on the margin - it works fine until external mode is connected which increases the processor load.

One must either decrease computational load of the processor or increase the allocated execution time. Apart from general model simplifications, one can significantly decrease the processor load when using multitasking.  If you post a model I can provide more concrete guidance.
answered Feb 21 by Bryan Lieblick (1,887 points)