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Accessing Mosfet parameters from initialization scripts

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I'm trying to select different Mosfet models from different manufacturers.

To do  so I've built a configurable subsystem where you can choose one type or another and I'm trying to access their parameters from the initialization tab of the masked subsystem.

I'm facing some issues related to the internal differences between the models as the lookup tables of the models are stored as different structures depending on the device type.

What is the structure of every Mosfet device type? Mosfet / Mosfet and diode / Thermal description / thermal package description...

How can I programmatically access the different Mosfet tables (Eoff vs I, Eon vs I, Vds vs I...)?

Is there any documentation available? I have found nothing so far.
asked Feb 19 by Javier Laguardia (12 points)

1 Answer

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These aspects of PLECS are not documented, no. However, if you use a thermal mask variable type in a subsystem, select a part model, and then print that struct variable name in the Initialization command code window, and finally run a simulation, you can see the structure and syntax output into the Octave Console window (choose the "Show Console" menu item). The attached simple PLECS Standalone example model shows this.
answered Feb 21 by Kris Eberle (1,583 points)