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Error in TI's GaN FET PLECS models

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it is me again with an error in another PLECS model. This time from TI and the error is known since at least 6 months.

Looking at the forum article at TI's website:

The model I have downloaded today is still not correct. So as Plexim also refers to TI's website there might be a faster way contacting them. Because I have already contacted them, without any success.

Otherwise, the models are absolute useless and a waste of time, so please delete them or add an important note to it.

Thank you very much!


asked Apr 25 by niklas21 (16 points)
Unfortunately we do not develop or own these models, but we will do our best to contact the manufacturer and ensure this gets investigated on their end.

1 Answer

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I followed up on the TI forums (see here) and they said an updated model should be released in June. Hopefully the update resolves all issues with their GaN FET models.



answered May 30 by eullwm (14 points)
Thanks for letting us know!