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Multiple parameter sweep

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Hi All,

I want to have parameter value sweep in a single simulation, all at a same time.

Like I have 3 variables, say var1,var2 & var3.

Can I write a script , which will vary all these variable at same time ?

Say simulation will have 1st run, for Var1 =5, Var2=6 AND Var3=9

simulation will have  2nd  run, for Var1 =15, Var2=6 AND Var3=90

Is it possible?

asked Apr 28 by rajasaha (14 points)

1 Answer

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This is a general programming question.  If you know your variables beforehand you can just create separate lists of equal length and go through by indexing.  A simple example in Octave is below.

Var1List = [5,15];
Var2List = [6,6];
Var3List = [9,90];

% Add code to check list lengths are equal

NumberOfRuns = length(Var1List)

for k = 1:NumberOfRuns
   printf('%i, %i, %i \n',Var1List(k),Var2List(k),Var3List(k))


answered Apr 30 by Bryan Lieblick (1,941 points)