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How can one locate a terminal within a masked subsystem frame? (ref: Ydz Trafo primary neutral port)

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How can one locate a terminal within a masked subsystem frame, such as the primary neutral port in the Ydz Trafo model?
related to an answer for: Change position of ports in subsystem icon
asked May 1 by AAR (12 points)

1 Answer

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First of all, there is a distinction between PLECS library blocks and custom subsystems made by a user. For PLECS library blocks, if it is possible to see under the subsystem mask and make changes, you first need to "break the library link" to allow for modifications and presentation, e.g., if labels are shown or not. This can be done by right-clicking on the block, and in the context menu go to Subsystem > Break library link:


From that same Subsystem menu above you can then "Unprotect" the subsystem if you want to be able to move the terminals, for example. But if you just want to see what the terminal names are you can open the Mask Editor window (Ctrl+M) or by choosing "Edit mask..." from the context menu shown above. And in the first Icon tab, uncheck "Hide terminal labels" to display all of the names. You can also individually show/hide terminal names on the mask by showing/hiding the actual component labels for the ports under the mask inside the subsystem.


answered May 1 by Kris Eberle (1,595 points)

Thank you, Kris for your answer.  The Ydz model shown above seems to be a subsystem, such that once the library link is broken, you can look under the mask unprotect and modify it. But as one can see, the primary neutral terminal is inside the subsystem frame (not along the perimeter).  I am wondering if there is a way to do that for another terminal.  I am building a 24-pulse transformer subsystem and would like to locate additional neutral terminals within the subsystem frame.  But currently, it seems I can only locate terminals along the frame perimeter.

Hi there, thanks for clarifying. It is possible for the user to place a terminal inside the icon rather than along the border, but this is not officially supported and is not accessible via the GUI. This would need to be done by modifying the port location in the model file code using a text editor. Good luck!