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Different results of thermal simulation in different computer.

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I simulated a similar PLECS model in two different computer with same a thermal model for inverter in PLECS but I got different thermal results in other computer. I have also cross checked all settings and parameters but still results are getting different.

How to solve this problem because it show different result so I could not conclude which results are correct
asked May 6 by Subhash Naliyapara (14 points)
This would be really difficult for anyone to help you debug unfortunately. Are the two PLECS versions the same? I would suggest you do a diff on the model files in PLECS (from the File>Compare menu item) to be 100% sure the files are the same. You should also overwrite one of the XML thermal description files with the other to be sure they are the same.
Thanks for your suggestion but I solved it by changing thermal chain parameters in XML files. And It is working fine now. I got same results in both work station.
Great! Thanks for following up.

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