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Generate code into STM32CubeIDE project

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Dear Plecs Team

I do not understand how i can generate code into an existing STM32CubeIDE project.
I have an existing project which displays text on a ST7735 1.44'' display. Now i want to build a additional project with plecs and integrate this in my exisiting STMCubeIDE project. How can i do this?

STMCubeIDE project link (to large for attachement): STM32_Projekte

My goal is to use the following workflow:
1. build programm with plecs 
2. include the plecs project into an existing stm32 Cube IDE project
3. build and debugg the complete project (plecs + stm project) with stm cube IDE

I am using the following versions:
Plecs: 4.8.3
tsp_stm32: 1.4.3
STMCubeIDE: 1.14.1

Thanks for answering my question.

Best regards,
Raphael Baumeler



asked May 13 by raphael.baumeler (45 points)
I've found a documentation for the workflow mentioned above in the chapter "Program the MCU from STM32CubeIDE" in the documentation "STM32 Target Support User Manual Version 1.4" (page 5-7). I've done the decribed things, but i get an error when trying to build the project with STM32CubeIDE (see attachement).

What can i do to prevent that error?

Best regards,
Raphael Baumeler

1 Answer

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I've found the issue. I've generate the code not inside of the cg folder as it mentioned in the documentation.
This thread can be closed.

Best regards,
Raphael Baumeler
answered May 14 by raphael.baumeler (45 points)
Glad to hear you were able to solve this on your own.  Thanks for the update Raphael.