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How to add alpha angle into existing signal?

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I am simulating my model for discontinuous pwm with constant parameters but now I want to check my simulation with respect different psi/alpha angle means we can derive the different discontinuous pwm by adding psi angle in to modulating angle. So I am trying to add this angle to check simulation at various power factor. But I could find any block for adding angle.

Please suggest me and give me idea for which block can be helpful to add angle.
asked May 14 by Subhash Naliyapara (14 points)

1 Answer

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My understanding of your question is you want to add an offset to a signal in your model.   You can use the "Offset" block or a combination of the "Sum" and "Constant" blocks (assuming your offset is constant during the simulation run).  Please clarify if I misunderstood your question and add any support models or information.

Note there is the "3-Phase Index-Based Modulation" component in the PLECS library which implements different DPWM schemes.  Refer to the documentation help for a more detailed description of the different DPWM approaches, including their relative phase shifts.
answered May 15 by Bryan Lieblick (1,949 points)