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Overrun with Nucleo-G474RE

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Dear Plexim Team

I do not understand what it means when the code reaches overrun = 1 in the dispatcher_stm32g4xx.c File.
The model in the attachement is very simple and i think it should be possible to reach a sampling time of 1us. At the moment it is only possible to build the model without overrun when using a sampling time of >10us.

I generate the code into STM32 Cube IDE and use the template project from "...Coder Targets\tsp_stm32_1.4.3\projects\"

How can i improve my model to reach a sampling time of 1us?

Best regards,
asked May 21 by raphael.baumeler (45 points)

1 Answer

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Raphael, there are certain things one can do on the margin, but overall the code generation framework comes with a certain level of baseline overhead that may prevent execution at 1 usec.

A few ideas you can explore:

  • Your model does not have any scopes or tunable parameters.  Disable external mode in the Coder Options + Target + External Mode tab.
  • In the Coder Options + Target + Advanced tab change the task scheduler from FreeRTOS to Bare-Metal.
  • Change the compiler optimization flags.
  • State machines and C-Scripts include additional overhead.  Implementing your logic with basic PLECS blocks may be more efficient.
answered May 22 by Bryan Lieblick (1,949 points)