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PLECS code generator_TMDSCNCD28379D

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I am currently working on implementing a an inverter using PLECS(Controller : TMDSCNCD28379D). In the system, current measurement is performed using sigma-delta modulator.

  1. Grid Output Current Measurement:

    • Sensor: Shunt resistor
    • Modulator: AMC1306M05 reinforced modulator (±50mV input range)
    • MCU: TMDSCNCD28379D
    • Shunt resistor value: 0.002Ω (providing ±50mV output signal at approximately ±25A output, generating 0.5W of heat at full load)
    • The voltage across the shunt resistor is fed into the AMC1306M05 sigma-delta modulator, generating a sigma-delta stream
    • The modulator clock is generated from the eCAP peripheral on the C2000 MCU, and the AMC1306M05 data is read using the built-in SDFM demodulator
  2. Questions:

    • How can I implement this setup in PLECS?
    • Are there specific guidelines or examples for modeling the AMC1306M05 modulator and the SDFM demodulator function of the TMDSCNCD28379D in PLECS?
    • Could you explain how to generate and process the sigma-delta modulated signal in PLECS?
asked May 22 by oming0731 (29 points)

1 Answer

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The SDFM peripheral is currently not supported in the TI C2000 Target Support Package, and so the application as described above is not possible in the current TSP 1.7 release.
answered May 23 by Bryan Lieblick (1,949 points)