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Delay start sampling of a signal

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Normally to sample a signal it is common to use the ZOH block, so the begin of the  sampling start from 0 and the signal is sampled at the end of each samplig period, but if i want to delay the starting sampling instant in a window time included between 0 and the period of sampling, what kind of block can i use?
asked Jun 25 by Ernesto Incerti (30 points)
i' ve found the right way with two-element vector specifying the hold time length and offset, as written in the inline help, but i cannot specify an offset time bigger than the sampling time

now suppose to have an interlaving converter with 3 carrier, and i want po peform a duoble update for each carrier (so sample time equal to half a period of the carrier), i need to specify for the last carrier a sample offset bigger than the sample time, how can i do it?
Attached what i mean
Same issue for the sample time setting of a discrete block

1 Answer

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Note that your sampling is half the rate of your carrier. Since the signals are periodic, we can consider that a desired sample time offset (To,desired) that exceeds the desired sample period (Ts) would occur in the next period. 

Referencing the offset from the start of the next period, To = To,desired - Ts

So the third sample and hold in your model would be (1/3 - 1/2)/fs which is less than 1/(2*fs), meeting the criteria that To < Ts.

answered Jun 26 by Bryan Lieblick (1,995 points)
edited Jun 26 by Bryan Lieblick