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Selection of thermal resistance (housing to radiator and radiator to environment) for half-bridge module (CAS480M12HM3)

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I am a novice of plecs. I have some problems when building thermal simulation. I hope to get your reply. 

The first diagram shows the constructed 3L-ANPC circuit diagram, marking the thermal resistance of the shell to the radiator, and the second diagram marks the thermal resistance of the radiator to the external environment. 

How is the thermal network selected for the device housing to the radiator and the radiator to the environment? Is there any selection criteria? If so, could you please provide them? 

Hope to get your reply, thank you

asked Jul 3 by emma2 (16 points)

1 Answer

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The case-to-heatsink or shell-to-radiator thermal resistance is often fixed as part of the packaging of the device, and whose value may be available in the semiconductor's datasheet. The heatsink-to-ambient or radiator-to-external resistance is very dependent on the material of the radiator you are using and you will need to consult the vendor for this information, or do a web search about typical values for various heatsink types. I hope this helps!
answered Jul 10 by Kris Eberle (1,607 points)