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Heat Sink Simulation Error

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I am trying to calculate the switching and conduction losses of MOSFETs in my circuit. I used a thermal library model to add the power loss data to the switches. The circuit simulates fine without the heat sink. Once I added it to the  circuit I got a bunch of errors.
asked May 12, 2019 by yalbannaii (12 points)

Are you able to attach an example model?

Thank you,

Attached is the circuit model. You need to add a thermal description to the switches. The thermal description used is C2M0080120D. You can download it and add it to the switches.

1 Answer

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Hello, you just need to provide a gate resistance value, e.g. 2.5 ohms.
answered May 21, 2019 by Kris Eberle (1,595 points)