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Welcome to the PLECS User Forum, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community.

Many technical questions regarding PLECS are answered on the Technical Solutions page of our website. Tutorial videos, specific application examples, and pre-recorded webinars are available on our YouTube page. Please follow us on LinkedIn for the latest Plexim news.

User Manual

Plexim provides this User Forum site and the information it contains as a public service to our users. All are encouraged to ask questions and share knowledge and ideas with the community. In order to post anything, i.e. ask or answer questions, make comments or vote, one must register. Registering requires choosing a user name and password and providing an email address. Anyone can anonymously view the forum content without registering.

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Before asking a question, you can use the search box on the top right to check if your question has already been asked. You can also click on the Tags page to view the categories of existing questions. All questions are tagged with one or more keywords to help you find questions and answers of interest.

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  1. Before submitting a question, search to make sure the content doesn't already exist. If you still don't have an answer to your specific question, ask it in the forum. You can choose to be notified by email when your question receives a comment or response.
  2. You are required to include at least one tag before submitting your question. Consider also attaching a file(s) to your question, including text, images, and PLECS Standalone and Simulink model files.
  3. If your question does not receive any answer that helps, consider adding comments on the individual answers to explain why that particular answer did not help.
  4. If your question does not receive any answer at all, consider editing your questions to make it more clear and/or more appealing to other users.
  5. Please remember to select the "Best Answer" to your question in order to reward the user that gave the answer.

Answering and Commenting on a Question

Registered users can answer a question (with the option to include attachments and link to an answer from another question), add a comment on the original question, or vote on it. Each answer can also be commented on and comments can include file attachments.

Each question and answer can be voted on once by each user. A vote is either weighted as +1 or -1 as people like or dislike the content. The person who first asked each question should choose a "Best Answer" when appropriate.