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Working with complex numbers in C-Script block

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I'm trying to make complex numbers operations in a C-Script in my model, but when i try to compile the next error is shown:

source:78:38: error: imaginary constants are an extension

I'm including the file "complex.h", and I defined the numbers as a + b * I for example. 

Have anyone worked with complex numbers and succesfully compiled the C-Script?

Best regards,

Sebastián Neira.

asked Jan 30 by sfneira (13 points)

1 Answer

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you can work around the extension error by defining your own imaginary constant:

const double complex i = csqrt(-1);

However, depending on your operating system you'll most likely see other errors later. In short, we do not support complex calculations in C-Scripts at this time, but we'll see whether this can be improved in a later release.

Kind regards,

Oliver Schwartz

answered Jan 30 by Oliver Schwartz (34 points)
edited Jan 30 by Oliver Schwartz