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How do we use C Script box?

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How are inputs and outputs defined in the code?

Do we need a main function to run it?

Is a do-while loop required to run it forever? or it loops itself as in Arduino.
asked Feb 3 by Aviral (13 points)

2 Answers

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Hello Aviral,

Keep in mind that using the C-Script block is non-trivial and requires some deeper knowledge of PLECS. Try using PLECS blocks to create the required function first.

To start using the C-Script block, have a look at the C-Script chapter in the documentation and try some of the examples.

Best Regards

answered Feb 5 by Falk Kyburz (107 points)
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It's not too bad to figure out. As Falk said start by reading the documentation and looking at the examples. It took me about a day to go through that and then try some simple scripts. I'm no expert now but I am now able to do state machines (although Plexim provides native support for state machines) and logic blocks in c-script. I'm actually converting some of these from Verilog into C.

I use a trigger so that the c-script is only executed on certain clock edges. It then might do a bunch of If/then/else statements, and updates its outputs, until asked to execute again.

answered Feb 14 by rcolbeck (16 points)