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Error during steady-state analysis in PLECS Blockset

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Hello Sir,

I have tried the steady state analysis of the PLECS Blockset model using control pulse from MATLAB/Simulink.

The following error message came:

"In an assignment A(:)=B, the number of element in A and B must be the same"

The steady state analysis tool block is placed in the Simulink window. The model is running perfectly, but when steady-state analysis started above mentioned error message displayed.

I am stuck with this error, waiting for the valuable reply.

Thanks & Regards,

asked Feb 13 by royaf (26 points)

1 Answer

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This looks like a bug in the Steady-State Analysis. Please contact Plexim Support ( and send in a (possibly reduced) model that reproduces the problem.

answered Feb 16 by Wolfgang Hammer (99 points)
selected Feb 28 by royaf