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how to replace the PV Inverter in MATLAB with Plecs Blockset PV Inverter

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how to replace the PV Inverter in MATLAB with Plecs Blockset PV Inverter I am trying to replace but I can't able to replace it.
asked Sep 26, 2019 by K Sainadh Singh (21 points)

Your question is ambiguous. What problem are you having? We do have several demo models built into PLECS Blockset for solar inverter systems that you are welcome to refer to as examples.

Respected sir,

Thanks for replying me. I am trying to replace the PV Inverter of grid connected pv system in MATLAB Simulink with plecs blockset. I have attached the Picture of my simulation for your reference.

1 Answer

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Thank you for posting the image, this was helpful. It is not possible to directly interface physical signals in PLECS to physical SimScape signals. The information needs to be relayed via control signals. You will need to measure electrical quantities with meters in Simscape and pass those (control) signals into the inputs of the PLECS Circuit block. Further, you will need to use PLECS "Signal Inport" and "Signal Outport" blocks inside of the PLECS block, rather than "Electrical Port" blocks. Exiting the PLECS Circuit block, you will need to then measure the inverter three-phase outputs with Voltmeters and via the Signal Outport blocks, drive controlled sources (i.e., voltage) and connect these to the rest of the electrical system in Simscape.

By the way, you can model the complete system shown in your image inside of PLECS- have you considered doing this? It's more efficient than to combine PLECS and Simscape physical system blocks.


answered Sep 27, 2019 by Kris Eberle (1,439 points)
Thanks for replying me sir,

I have taken one year solar irradiance and ambient temperature with one minute sample from September 2017 to August 2018. I have given this one year mission profile to the example model in the plecs but I cant able to run the model. I am getting the following errors attached. Help me how to run this simulation.

Provide me you email id I will provide the data also, which is large and not attached with this mail.
see my comment in your other post