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Create an arbitrary delay time using C-script

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Hi everyone, I have several questions:

(1) Here is a code to create a delay with one sampling period from the PLECS manual:

         Output function code: OutputSignal(0, 0) = DiscState(0);

         Update function code: DiscState(0) = InputSignal(0, 0);

          Now, I want to create a delay with "n*Ts": Ts being the sampling period. How could I do that in PLECS               C- script?

(2) There is a block "Pulse Delay" in the Library. However, the delay time needs to be input manually.

In my controller, the delay time should be from a PI controller. Is there any way to put the delay time from a controller to the "Pulse Delay" block?

Thanks in advance!




asked Nov 28, 2020 by Alex Ng (15 points)
edited Nov 30, 2020 by Alex Ng

The Pulse Delay block cannot accept a variable time delay input via its mask parameters or input ports, but if you look under the mask of its implementation you will see that it is based on a C-Script block. I would suggest you look at the Space Vector Modulator block to see how the C-Script block is used to calculate variable timing events internally. With the C-Script block, you _can_ use an external value, such as the output of your PI controller, as part of the algorithm. Good luck!


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even i have that doubt of creating the delay hope some one answers its
answered Dec 26, 2020 by AskBrillz (14 points)
Please see my comment above.