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MOSFET Operation

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Hello everyone, 

I have just started my journey with PlECS , so please forgive me if you find my question is so basic. Actually I'm trying to build a circuit for the single stage MOSFET Amplifier  as showing in the link :

however,  there is no output. I need a hand of help   to point out the error.    
note: the project file is attached here. Thank you so much in advance. 

asked Dec 29, 2020 by Mark (12 points)

1 Answer

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Power semiconductor components in PLECS are based on ideal switches, so unfortunately our tool is not designed to model amplifier circuits where the device is operating in the linear range (it is either off or no). You would need to develop logic that represents the amplifier switch in this case, such as by using a lookup table, rather than including the PLECS MOSFET. Further, the gate signal input port of the MOSFET requires a (green) Control domain signal, not an electrical (black) connection.


answered Jan 4, 2021 by Kris Eberle (1,575 points)