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Need help with a block in PLECS and what I can use in its place

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I am currently making a three phase induction motor connected to a mechanical load block diagram, but I am having issues with 1 block in particular, I know I can use the three phase supply, torque, rotational speed measurements etc along with a squirrel cage IM Block for the motor itself, but how would I add a Magnetic Powder Break into my system? I am either overlooking a block similar to it or just cant find one. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could add one or add something similar at least that can be controlled with a controller to apply set points in the system. My block diagram has been written on paper and added to this post.
asked Apr 9, 2021 by Mecki (16 points)

1 Answer

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A powder brake translates the current on its terminals to a torque. In a first approach it can be modelled as a resistor with an Am-meter that is connect to a controlled torque via a lookup table. The relationship between current and torque as well as the resistor value can usually be obtained from the brakes datasheet.

It would be quite helpful if you wouldn't ask the same question in three different posts.
answered Apr 9, 2021 by Oliver Schwartz (589 points)
The posts had been left open accidentally as I had made new questions updating new information, the forat being about the system I should make which I had resolved, the last 2 being similar but new information in my most current, I had juat forgotten to close the previous two questions.

Also thanks for the answer to the questionid assume the controlled torque block counts as being both the break and controller. 1 question would be, will be brake in a sense still work as normal and provide mechanical power outputs if I added an output measurement block?