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Error in the demo file 'Half-Bridge LLC Converter with Analysis Tools'

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I have been working on Plecs 4.0.8 with RT Box 1 (these are available at the University). I have successfully used the RT box to obtain results on a Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Agilent Technologies DSO) for other demo models.

Now when I try to do the same with the file 'Half-Bridge LLC Converter with Analysis Tools' demo model with no change in any parameters and use it to obtain waveforms on the DSO, I am encountering an error that reads like this:

"This component does not support code generation: LLCAnalysis_test/Modulator/Blanking Time/Delay1/Monoflop"

I have attached the screenshot of the error. I would like to know what the error is with this circuit and if any changes have to be made in the circuit. If any modified circuit is already available for this, kindly direct us to the same.


Thank you.

asked Apr 9 by Arunkumar G (12 points)

1 Answer

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The PLECS Models included in the demo model library are not optimized for real-time execution on the RT Box. The RT Box Target Support Package comes with several demo models that are tailored to the RT Box. If you're new to the RT Box in general, I would suggest reviewing the tutorials on the PLECS website that will better guide you on the necessary changes to configure a model for real-time.

If possible, I would recommend upgrading your PLECS and RT Box Target Support Package to the latest versions available on the website.  You'll need at least PLECS 4.5.2 to use the latest RT Box package on the website.

If you are interested in the LLC topology in particular, there are LLC Power Modules that are better suited to real-time simulation in the RT Box in recent PLECS releases.  The TI C2000 Target Support Package also includes an LLC specific demo model.

answered Apr 9 by Bryan Lieblick (740 points)